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(Pinili ko to dahil sexy :> =)) )

Miss Ly! =)) Thank you! :>


Thank you really much! You’ve taught us so much in English and you’ve became a great role model to us. :>

You’ve taught us how to read proper vowel sounds, how to compose a poem, and taught us how to love. deeeh! =))

My insights and learnings in this year will not be futile as I will use them in future use if I happen to want to compose a song :>.

I learned so many in English this year (and I’m not joking). You’ve been a great teacher because you understand us students who sometimes have a hard time in your subject. So I really really thank you :).


Sige miss! =)) Salamat super kaduper >:D< =)) Stay safe and thin :> =))

On his blindness by John Milton is one of the most inspiring writers in poetry. In his poem, he wants to expose the talents that people have in them but the people themselves envy others and they know nothing about their own talents.


On his Blindness.
When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent, which is death to hide,
Lodged with me useless, thought my soul more bent
To serve there with my Maker, and present
My true account, lest He returning chide:
“Doth God exact day-labor, light denied?”
I fondLY ask: but Patience, to prevent
That murmur, soon replied: ” God doth not need
Either man’s work or His own gifts: who best
Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best: His state
Is kingLY: thousands at His bidding speed,
And post o’er land and ocean without rest;
They also serve who only stand and wait.

He portrayed in the poem that we all have talents and we don’t need to envious of others because we are unique in our own way. :>

Do you judge a person by his/her appearance? I really think so because I do that too. I sometimes judge the attitude of a person because of their movements.

It is like the characters in William Saroyan’s story, My Name is Aram. The story portrays about a Indian who was loitering around  and the people thought he was crazy but he just came for a vacation and an American who had nothing to do. The Indian spent cash for necessities he needed and he gave the American an experience that he dream’t of.


We all know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It is true because we don’t really know other peoples’ traits and qualities and we cannot judge them too quickly. :>

Do you know the feeling when you sacrifice something to give someone special a gift in return?

That saying is shown in the Gift of the Magi by William Sydney Porter which tells about a couple who sacrificed their most prized possession to give the other a gift in return because it was Christmas. The wife sold her precious hair for money to buy a chain for her husband. The husband in return, gave a turquoise comb and sold his watch to buy it. When exchanged gifts, they were both surprised because the use of their gifts were futile :>. But in the end, they still appreciated it and celebrated Christmas happily.



This happens in real life too because we sacrifice in order to give. We sacrifice time, work and effort in exchange for the gratitude that we will receive. :>

The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes.


The story portrays a lonely old man as he outlives his generation.  The old man was just waiting for his life to end because he thinks that there is no point in living because he was all alone.


The old man is portrayed as a lonely leaf as it is just waiting to fall because all of the other leaves have already fallen.


If I were in his position, I would do the same thing. Because, it’s so very lonely =)). I would not stand the loneliness of the world and I would just let time fly. :>

The whistle by Benjamin Franklin.


The story tells about a boy who bought a whistle using all his money to buy an attractive whistle. The people around him laughed foolishly because he could’ve use the rest of his money to be spent on.


The story portrays about buying useful things more than just a simple object. An example of this is when you buy food, sometimes you will buy many candies rather than a meal to be full and satisfied.


The moral of the story portrays the value of things and people that are “paying too much for their whistle.”

Pardoner’s tale, one of the poems of Geoffrey Chaucer that involved deception and greed.


The story of it was about three men in a pub who wanted to hunt for Death because of their friend’s death and the other people too. They stumbled upon an old man and asked for directions and he said that they will find Death under an oak tree. They soon set off to hunt for Death and they stumbled upon large amounts of gold and riches. They selfishly wanted the gold for themselves so each one of them planned for a way to kill each other. So in the end, all of them died as the old man said that they will meet the so called Death.


The story portrays the tricking of people because of their greed. The greediness led them to kill each other so that the last one standing will get all of the money. In the end, all of them died because they had tricks upon their sleeves.


Moral of the story, being greedy leads to harm to one’s self. :>

The tiger and the lamb, a two beautiful poems that are written by William Blake.


It is a great representation because the tiger resembles power, fury, and terror as of the lamb that resembles innocence, purity, and peace.


The lamb symbolizes God as it is pure, gentle, and innocent. As it’s white wool symbolizes heaven as the clouds.


The tiger resembles a devil because of its power, furiousness, and terror. The posture shown in the picture shows that it is confident and boastful. Its stripes also resemble scars from battles that he partook in order to gain power.


Nevertheless, the poems symbolizes the good and bad sides of mankind. :>


Quality or Quantity?

Sometimes, people stumble upon choosing material things that are based on quality or quantity. They have their own opinion on that but I choose quality more than quantity. Why? Because unlike quantity, you will become an outstanding and different unlike the others. But some people choose quantity because of practicality.


Just like in the story “Quality” written by John Galsworthy, the narrator chose good quality boots because it was sturdy and comfortable to wear. But the maker of the boots, the Gessler brothers, died because of starvation and depression because they care for their work more than their health.


There is a moral to this story, that you need to look after your health more than work but if you’re passionate enough, you’ll really sacrifice something.

This is Beowulf, the shaggy haired man in a skirt. The brave warrior in the famous English epic, Beowulf.
He defeated three monsters to earn glory to his kingdom.

Meet Grendel.  A zombie. A horrid killing machine that caused the many deaths of the people of Danes. But sadly, Beowulf stopped the madness by illustrating it in this picture:
He teared Grendel limb by limb merciless by his own bare, naked hands.
(I’m wondering how the heck did he do that? O____O)
Then, Beowulf then killed Grendel’s mother with a sword called Hrunting. (I researched it in the internet. :>)

To think that he defeated a fire breathing, claw shreddering, teeth tearing, toe tromping dragon? Yes, yes he did. But he died in the process because he was mortally wounded by the fierce dragon.

I learned that this epic, was truly EPIC. Beowulf was so strong that he drew blood all over his opponents but he died on the last one because he was already old and wounds struck him greatly.


Beowulf is a truly epic epic. (labo :)) )