This is Beowulf, the shaggy haired man in a skirt. The brave warrior in the famous English epic, Beowulf.
He defeated three monsters to earn glory to his kingdom.

Meet Grendel.  A zombie. A horrid killing machine that caused the many deaths of the people of Danes. But sadly, Beowulf stopped the madness by illustrating it in this picture:
He teared Grendel limb by limb merciless by his own bare, naked hands.
(I’m wondering how the heck did he do that? O____O)
Then, Beowulf then killed Grendel’s mother with a sword called Hrunting. (I researched it in the internet. :>)

To think that he defeated a fire breathing, claw shreddering, teeth tearing, toe tromping dragon? Yes, yes he did. But he died in the process because he was mortally wounded by the fierce dragon.

I learned that this epic, was truly EPIC. Beowulf was so strong that he drew blood all over his opponents but he died on the last one because he was already old and wounds struck him greatly.


Beowulf is a truly epic epic. (labo :)) )