Pardoner’s tale, one of the poems of Geoffrey Chaucer that involved deception and greed.


The story of it was about three men in a pub who wanted to hunt for Death because of their friend’s death and the other people too. They stumbled upon an old man and asked for directions and he said that they will find Death under an oak tree. They soon set off to hunt for Death and they stumbled upon large amounts of gold and riches. They selfishly wanted the gold for themselves so each one of them planned for a way to kill each other. So in the end, all of them died as the old man said that they will meet the so called Death.


The story portrays the tricking of people because of their greed. The greediness led them to kill each other so that the last one standing will get all of the money. In the end, all of them died because they had tricks upon their sleeves.


Moral of the story, being greedy leads to harm to one’s self. :>